Blind Faith

Blind Faith

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The press dubbed this Blues Rock band a "Supergroup" because it was formed by two musicians who were already established stars in other bands. In late 1968, Eric Clapton had just left Cream and Steve Winwood had departed from Traffic, so they started hanging out at Clapton's house and jamming. After a time, Ginger Baker of Cream, and Rick Grech of Family joined the other two.

With Eric Clapton on guitar, Steve Winwood on keyboards, Ginger Baker on drums, Rick Grech on bass and violin, added to Winwood's haunting vocals, this was one awesome group!

Unfortunately, they only stayed together long enough for a few live performances, and one album, that was released in August 1969, but this album is a must-have for all Blues Rock fans!! 

Some us us still regard this band as one of the great ones and look back on its demise with disappointment. Take a look at what one fan has done.
Blind Faith

Blind Faith's self-titled Album cover
Blind Faith

Track listing

  1. "Had to Cry Today" (Steve Winwood) - 8:48
  2. "Can't Find My Way Home" (Winwood) - 3:16
  3. "Well...All Right" (Jerry Allison, Buddy Holly, Joe Mauldin, Norman Petty) - 4:27
  4. "Presence of the Lord" (Eric Clapton) - 4:50
  5. "Sea of Joy" (Winwood) - 5:22
  6. "Do What You Like" (Ginger Baker) - 15:18
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Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton
Lord, I'm a Voodo Child!
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Eric Clapton