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When I'm asked to describe this band, I say that it is an "Authentic" Rock & Roll band. They come right at you, they don't give you an inch, they take no prisoners, and they never give you a chance to catch your breath! It feels and sounds like you're standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier while they're lauching F-14s!

You're NOT going to hear "Brown Eyed Girl" from these guys! They are NOT going to let up and play ballads, or accommodate slow dancers! They come to Rock you, and they definitely have an EDGE!!

When I leave one of their performances, I am exhausted, but I am exhilarated! I feel like they have knocked me on my ass, and run me over. I have to look in the mirror to see if there is a tire tread in the middle of my forehead! It sure feels like there should be! I LOVE IT!! This is what Rock & Roll was meant to be! This is what it is all about!!

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28 November 2006

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