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George Douglas Lee; Galveston Music Scene - Galveston, TX

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Saturday 11 August
Chico's Paradise Roof Top Bar, 7-11 pm, No Cover

As a renaissance man, George's performances are not merely musical in nature, they combine his writing, comedy, and acting skills to produce what has been variously called: George on Stage, George Live, GLEE,  and, of course, just like Sinatra was "Frank"; sometimes he just bills himself as "George"!

Some of his fellow musicians and artists have accused George of using his multiple-personality disorder to give his trademark "multi-faceted" performances. There's just no figuring how these artistic types will view a situation like this!

All I can say is George is George; he is a one-of-a-kind human bulldog who chews his way through concrete walls to get the exact effects he is looking for.

This is but a small sample of the range of talent of the man that Galveston calls George!

Galveston Music Scene, The Blog
04 October 2005

Until now, I have only known George Douglas Lee as a wandering itinerant troubadour; the Woodie Guthrie of Galveston, without the Communist world view. However, many times, as we discussed the Golden Age of Rock and Roll, he would tell me stories of his life, back in the day, when he was a Rock and Roll star. I had no reason to doubt George's tales, about his band playing concerts, touring, and opening for big-name acts; however, I did have a little trouble picturing the man with the solo act, really rockin' with a band.

Recently, George and I have been pouring through the treasure trove of old concerts available in Wolfgang's Vault, and this retrospective inspired him to do the same. He opened up "George's Vault", and selected some hit songs, he and his band did from 1975 to 1983, which he has just released as "Rock & Roll Singer". The first six cuts were put out as 45s, at the time, and the remaining songs were part of the album "Made To Be Played", that was released in 1983.

This is the real stuff; authentic Blues Rock!! There is George in all his glory on lead vocals, and lead guitar, "laying down the sound". I don't know enough about the other members of the band to acknowledge their individual contributions, but you must pay special attention to Joe Alford's bass lines, especially on my favorite song, "No Woman"!

Now that Pandora's Box has been opened, and George is out of the closet, the only question that he MUST ANSWER is whether he will continue to try to fool us with his Clark Kent, lonely troubadour disguise, or will he finally admit to Lois Lane, Jimmy Olson, and the rest of us that he is a Rock & Roll Singer?

All he needs to do is to heed the lyrics of his own song, "Do You Remember", when he asks "do you remember how we used to Rock and Roll". It is as simple as that. Those days are not over, they merely must be resurrected, so that the spirit of authentic Rock and Roll will live on!

I am already working with George to get him back in shape for the life of a Rock & Roll star, again! He has joined me in doing sprints on the Seawall, and we are doing "vocal exercises", too. After I took my car battery, and a set of jumper cables, and clamped those cables to George's "private parts", he was hitting those high notes on "Been A Long Time Since We Rock and Rolled" with very little effort! He finally begged me to stop, but I said, "No pain, no gain!"

After you hear this effort, I'm sure that you will join me in my call for George to put down his acoustic guitar, form a new band, and strap on his Strat! He just left for Waco, to get a "tune up", so I hope to get his answer, when he returns.

Stay tuned.

Galveston Music Scene- The Blog
16 April 2007

George Douglas Lee; Galveston Music Scene - Galveston, TX
Listen to "Live From The Courtyard"

George Douglas Lee; Galveston Music Scene - Galveston, TX
Listen to "Rock & Roll Singer"

George Douglas Lee; Galveston Music Scene - Galveston, TX

George Douglas Lee; Galveston Music Scene - Galveston, TX
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